Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering by Ian Barnard | Procreate Brush Review Tuesdays

This week's Procreate brushes review features Chalk Lettering Procreate Brushes by PicbyKate that can be purchased at Creative Market.

Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering by Ian Barnard | Procreate Brush Review Tuesdays

We all love Ian Barnard’s work when it comes to lettering. He’s a pro and well admired by everyone. So reviewing his Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering brushes for Procreate has been on the list and I’m pleased to get to them now! Every Tuesday I pick a new brush set for Procreate to buy and show you what you’re getting. This series is completely my own thoughts and opinions and is not sponsored by the brush lettering designers.

Sometimes we buy Procreate brushes that end up being amazing and useful while others turn out to be awful. You can truly tell when someone puts a lot of time into their creations. So I wanted to help you decide before you buy.

Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering by Ian Barnard

If you want to step up your lettering game on the iPad Pro then these brush stamps can help you achieve a more artistic feel to your projects.

You’re getting:

  • 15 Procreate Brushes
  • 6 Black Board Procreate Files (not JPGS)
  • Brush installation PDF guide
  • Tips and Tricks PDF sheets
  • 3 Example Alphabets PDF to inspire your work

Price: $19 (at the time of this review – prices may change)

Purchase via my affiliate link.

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Watch my Procreate Brush Review Featuring Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering by Ian Barnard

Watch my honest review and see the brushes in use before you buy. By making a purchase via my affiliate link I am receiving a small commission through Creative Market. This helps me to continue purchasing brush sets so you don’t have to and including them in my reviews every Tuesday.

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