Building a Digital Planner with Adobe


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I’m excited to announce my new workshop on building your own Digital planner with Adobe Creative Suite.

If you love digital planners for your iPad, I’m going to walk you through the professional process of using graphic design software with Adobe Creative Suite and show you exactly how you can:

  • Make digital planner covers
  • Create your coils inside
  • Set up dividers
  • Manage hyperlinks
  • Build inserts
  • Create digital stickers
  • How to set up sticker files in GoodNotes desktop app for Mac
  • And, how to export your files from the GoodNotes app 4 and 5 on your iPad so you can share your work.

You’ll also get access to bonus downloads including my PSD cover file and inside with tabs and my Adobe InDesign file setup.

I’ll even give you access to my workshop Slack Group community so you can ask questions.

If you want to see how a professional designs products, this workshop is for you!


This workshop is self paced. You should be considered a tech savvy person as I won’t be going into intricate detail on how to use the Adobe Software, but more so step by step process for these projects specifically. This workshop requires either the Adobe creative Suite or individual software:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • You will need a desktop computer for this – this workshop cannot be complete using an iPad or tablet for the design portion.

As a bonus I’ll also show you how to use Adobe Bridge to rename files easily, and GoodNotes desktop app for Mac to set up sticker books quicker than on your iPad.

Lesson Details

  • Lesson 1: Using Adobe Photoshop to create a leather textured cover for your digital planner
  • Lesson 2: Using Adobe Photoshop to make your metallic coil binder of your digital planner
  • Lesson 3: Using Adobe Photoshop to create the divider tabs in your digital planner
  • Lesson 4: Setting Up tab hyperlinks in Adobe InDesign using master pages
  • Lesson 5: Using Adobe InDesign to create a set of Month Calendar Inserts
  • Lesson 6: Using Adobe InDesign to create a set of Weekly Inserts
  • Lesson 7: Using Adobe InDesign to create a set of Daily Inserts + Notes (ruled, dots, graph)
  • Lesson 8: How to set up a sticker template to use over an dover in Adobe Illustrator
  • Lesson 9: How to use your sticker template to design set of stickers in Adobe Illustrator
  • Lesson 10: How to break apart and quickly save each individual sticker as a PNG from Adobe Illustrator (Bonus: how to quickly rename your files and sort them in Adobe Bridge)
  • Lesson 11: BONUS How to setup your sticker book in Goodnotes Desktop App (Mac Only). Plus how to export your sticker books and planners from the GoodNotes iPad Apps version 4 and 5.
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Workshop Materials

Desktop computer, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator. Bonus: Adobe Bridge and GooNotes Desktop App for Mac