Creativity Is a Drug | Hand Lettered Workshop

Hand lettering workshop by Holly Pixels: Creativity is a Drug. Procreate and Illustrator

Creativity Is a Drug | Hand Lettered Workshop

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Course Description

The Creativity is a Drug hand lettered workshop will help you improve your hand lettering skills with this detailed hand lettered piece instruction shown. Holly will walk you through the process of building this fun lettering project:

  • Concept Research
  • Thumbnail Sketches
  • Sketching Your Draft
  • Inking Your Final Project
  • Coloring In the Details
  • Vectoring Your Final Project in Adobe Illustrator

This is a self-paced workshop. Take your time and following along at your own speed. In the end, you’ll feel more confident with thumbnail sketches, lettering in various styles and completing a project so you have another gorgeous piece for your portfolio. You will also receive:

  • Commercial free videos & option to ask questions in the lesson comments section
  • Procreate & Adobe Illustrator Color Swatch file used in this workshop
  • Holly’s Thumbnail Sketch Templates
  • Composition Grid for this course
  • PDF Tear Sheet of project
  • Finished Piece in PDF format

Supplies Needed

Holly will be using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app to start her project and then move on to Adobe Illustrator to vector. You can use any medium to do these lettering projects. Paper and Pencil with markers, Adobe Photoshop, other apps. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose.

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