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Digital Planner Stickers

The Digital Planner Stickers Workshop

Learn how to make digital planner stickers using Adobe software on your computer - the way the pros do it - and start making extra money today!


Want to generate income by
selling digital planners?

I got you!

This workshop will set you on course to make profitable digital planner stickers to sell.

Master Stickers

Create stickers in adobe illustrator

This workshop is broken off of the Build a Digital Planner workshop (the last section). I’ll show you my entire process of creating my digital stickers. Creating a branded style, we’ll set up a template you can use over and over again in Adobe Illustrator. Then, I’ll teach you my process for vectoring my illustrations, choosing color palettes, and completing your entire set of stickers. I’ll even show you how to make repeating patterns and quickly export your hundreds of stickers as individual PNGs.

And, in a bonus section, I’ll show you how I would set up my sticker files if I used a raster app like Adobe Photoshop (not Photoshop Elements) or Procreate.



You get these amazing things when you enroll in the Create Digital Stickers workshop.


Learn the process I use with the GoodNotes app to set up sticker books for your customers so they have a quick way to select stickers. I will show you how I would use GoodNote 5 on the Desktop (Desktop only on Mac) and on the iPad to create sticker files for customers as a convenience.


Added Fall 2020: Using raster-based apps to set up your sticker files. I will show you how I use Adobe Photoshop and Procreate to set up my files. I won’t illustrate in these apps, but teach you the methods to produce your digital planner sticker output.


Get support Monday through Friday from Holly using our Slack Group. Ask questions, share your work and learn about updates to the course. Plus, we have added a business channel to talk about selling your digital planner stickers!

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Create Digital Planner Stickers

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Create digital planner stickers using Adobe software, just like the pros! Learn how to make stickers using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate. Designed for tech-savvy users, you should be familiar with how layers work. I’ll walk you through each step to start selling your digital planner stickers!

Important: This is part 3 of the Build a Digital Planner workshop. If you want to build full planers and learn how to make stickers please enroll in that workshop.


Access to 13 helpful videos

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Common Questions

What equipment do I need to take this course?

You will need a desktop computer and the following software applications: Adobe Illustrator and GoodNotes. I will show you my renaming process using Adobe Bridge as a bonus. Adobe Bridge comes standard with the Adobe Creative Suite system. Also, as a bonus, I will cover how to use GoodNotes 5 on the desktop and the iPad. GoodNotes desktop only works with Mac computers. And, while you can no longer purchase GoodNotes 4, I do have an older video to show you how much better it was for dragging and dropping multiple stickers at once (I hope they bring that back).

The raster-based sticker design bonus uses Adobe Photoshop (not Elements) or Procreate. You can apply these techniques to raster-based applications.

Can’t I take this on my iPad?

No, we use Adobe Creative Suite software, and right now, the full functionality requires a desktop computer. As a professional graphic artist, this is the method I use to complete projects for clients and how I make things I sell digital planner related. Learning this software will help you advance in design!

There is a new bonus section on using Raster-based apps for sticker design, and I will show how you can use Procreate for this.

Is this course live?

No, this course has been recorded so that you can take it at your own pace. You get access to all modules and downloads as soon as you complete your purchase. Start and stop whenever you need.

Is this workshop for beginners?

I ask that you have some technical savvy and understand how layers work with Adobe. Understanding the basics of Adobe apps is helpful. If you are proficient with Procreate on your iPad, you’ll probably do just fine with this course.

Do I get access to the course for life?

Life is a long time! If I die, then no. But, for the lifetime of my business, you get access to this workshop and any updates.

Can I ask you for help?

We use Slack for all of our support. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll notice the invite link to join our Private Slack Group is in each lesson. Use it to share images, ask questions, etc. We announce mini-updates in our Slack group as well.

Do you have a Facebook Group for this course?

No, I don’t. I don’t personally use Facebook, so use our Slack group via the invitation inside the course to ask questions and get support.

Got a question before you enroll? Email me on the Contact form on my site navigation, and I’ll be happy to answer any pre-sale questions.