Get organized with a Pixel Planner and digitally plan your day, week, and month on your iPad. We have lots of free tutorials on how to get started including how to use our products.
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Digital planners are PDF files that are built to look like a real planner. They have hyperlinks for the tabs and can be imported into your favorite note taking app on your iPad. We usually do our tutorials with GoodNotes as the app because it's the most popular application being used, but you can use them in other apps like Zoom Notes and Notability.

What the heck is a Pixel Planner or Digital Planner?

Pixel Planners are the planner file we sell that you import into your favorite note taking app. We have a video walk through you can watch to see how to buy, download, install, and use our flexible and custom planners for your iPad. Click here to leave a comment or ask a question on this video.

How do I Import a Pixel Planner in GoodNotes?

The biggest misconception is you have to unzip the file first. Nope. Not the case. GoodNotes files are imported into GoodNotes as is. No unzipping. I have a video here for you to learn how! Click here to leave a comment or ask a question on this video.

More Useful Tutorials

Here are more useful tutorials that we find people need most help with. To view in full screen, start the video, then click on the little square icon in the right hand bottom corner.

How To Set Up Tabs in the Pixel Planner
How to Hide + Reveal Toolbar in GoodNotes 5
How To Import Stickers in GoodNotes 5 (Copy, Paste and Rotate)

If you still need help, visit our FAQ page where you can submit a support ticket.


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