Draw an Animated Ice Cream Drip in Procreate

Making animations in Procreate is a lot of fun. And, it’s summer here in the US, so let’s draw an animated ice cream drip in Procreate to help keep us cool.

Draw an Animated Ice Cream Drip in Procreate

Making animations in Procreate is a lot of fun. And, it’s summer here in the US, so let’s draw an animated ice cream drip in Procreate to help keep us cool.

In this video, I’ll show you how I use the Grid to help me create the ice cream code quickly, and we’ll use the animation assist feature in Procreate.

What I’m using to Draw an Animated Ice Cream Drip in Procreate

  • I’m using my iPad Pro 12.9” Gen 2
  • And Apple Pencil 2 in this video.
  • At the time of filming, Procreate is version 5.2. If you’re watching this after an update to the app your screen may look different.

Watch How to Draw an Animated Ice Cream Drip in Procreate

Step 1 – Create Your Canvas + Turn on Grids

  1. For this tutorial, I’m using a 4000 x 4000-pixel canvas at 300 DPI for original artwork.
  2. Next, let’s set up the grids on our canvas.
  3. Tap the Actions Icon and then Canvas
  4. Here you will turn on Drawing Guide, then Tap Edit drawing Guide.
  5. I will adjust my grid size to 285. You can slide the bar or you type in the number.
  6. You can also adjust the color and opacity of your grid. When you’re done, tap done.

Step 2 – Draw the Ice Cream Cone

  1. To draw the ice cream cone we need to make a lot of lines. But this is easier than you think.
  2. You can download the color palette I’m using for this in the Vault if you wish to follow my instructions exactly.
  3. Using my Colo Mono brush from the Colorado Brush set in the shop at hollypixels.com, I’m using about a 30% weight stroke using the darker yellow color.
  4. I can draw my first line like a quickline following the grid by drawing the line and holding it until it snaps into place. Or I can tap on the layer and choose Drawing ASsist. This will make sure my line follows the gridline exactly.
  5. To complete the grid, I’m going to duplicate the layer with the line and move it to the next grid line. If you tap the selection arrow you can turn on Snapping to make things move in line easier.
  6. Then, I’ll merge those and duplicate those. As I duplicate I merge layers making this process quick.
  7. Once I’m happy with my placement of the vertical lines, I’m going to make sure they are merged together and duplicate that layer. Then tapping the selection arrow I’ll rotate the lines to be horizontal.
  8. Finally, I’m going to fill the background of my canvas with a light yellow color.
  9. Then I’ll make a new layer and using white I’m going to draw these little shapes on the top, duplicating and merging like I did with the grid lines s it moves fast.
  10. Make sure to merge all of those white layers together and then tap on Adjustments and Gaussian Blur. Blur these so they look like little highlights. Giving your cone depth!
  11. I decided to rotate my code to be more like a cone, which means I had to merge all of my layers besides the background together. I made a new layer for the cone background and turned off my original background layer. Then, I could tap the selection arrow and rotate it.

Step 3 – The Icecream

  1. Next, we’re going to use the chocolate color from the palette to draw our first ice cream cone area.
  2. Create a new layer and begin drawing your shape. Don’t worry about perfection here! Drag it till the lines meet and drag your color into the center to fill it. I’m going to use the selection tool to move mine up as the start of my ice cream dripping.
  3. On a new layer, I’m going to draw the next frame of my animation by following the original ice cream layer but make it go down lower and maybe a little more exaggerated. Repeat the same process for filling.
  4. I’ll create a third layer and start drawing in little dotted drips below the second layer. You could create as many layers as you like, I’m gonna stick with the three.
  5. Next, let’s add some highlights to our ice cream like we did our cone. On a new layer, I’m going to draw little white lines and gaussian blur them.

Step 4 – Make the Animation

  1. Since this animation has three frames, I need to duplicate and arrange layers.
  2. Merge your cone and pink layer together. You’ll duplicate it and move it up under Layer 4 which is the second ice cream we drew.
  3. Duplicate it again and move it up until Layer 5 the first set of drips.
  4. Then, duplicate layer 4, the second ice cream layer up under Layer 5 as it needs to also show in the animation frame 3.
  5. Once your layers look like mine, you’ll swipe on each layer through the cone layer and then choose GROUP. End the end you’ll have three groups.
  6. Now what I didn’t show in the video, I tapped on Tools and chose Animation Assist to bring up the menu you see at the bottom.
  7. You can press play and watch. It’s probably too fast. Tap on Settings and lower your frames per second.

Step 5 – Save Your Animation

  1. Tap on the Actions Tool and then in the Share Tab, you can choose Animated Mp4 for Instagram and ANimated GIF for Giphy.
  2. Once you have adjusted settings, I choose Web-Ready and then Export to save my file to my photo album or to my Dropbox.

And that’s it. The biggest hurdle is learning which layer to duplicate and move, but you’ll get the hang of it!

Until next time!


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