Jump Start Your Illustration Business!

Learn How to Draw Tiny Houses in Procreate

Draw these adorable little row-style houses and make them look like your customer's homes.

In this workshop, I'll show you how fun it is to draw these little tiny houses using the Procreate app and your iPad. Learn to draw custom house art pieces that you can sell to clients.

Learn how to draw tiny houses in Procreate and make custom art for your clients at hollypixels.com.

Looking to generate more income
from your art?

I got you!

With your new creative abilities to draw adorable little houses, you can jump-start your art career super fast,
plus learn a few new tips about Procreate you may not have already known about.

first step

Learn how I Map out My Tiny Houses in Procreate

I'll walk you through how I set up my canvas in Procreate and start mapping out how I want my house to layout using a grid system.

Learn how to draw tiny houses in Procreate and make custom art for your clients at hollypixels.com.
Learn how to draw tiny houses in Procreate and make custom art for your clients at hollypixels.com.

step 2

Learn how to Ink your Tiny House Drawing

All artwork starts with a clean line. Once you've mapped out your tiny house I'll show you the process for inking the lines.


Let's Add Some Color

Finally, we'll add color to our tiny houses to make all of the little details pop! I'll teach you my process for shading my art so it really feels unique.

Learn how to draw tiny houses in Procreate and make custom art for your clients at hollypixels.com.


You get these amazing things when you enroll in the Drawing Tiny Houses in Procreate workshop.


I'll show you how to draw from my concepts using a photograph so you can create custom art pieces for your clients.


You'll also get my Colo Mono Procreate brush for free along with a PDF guide of my four favorite tiny houses to draw.


Get my working files for the tiny row houses so you can easily follow along with the workshop.

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Drawing Tiny Houses in Procreate

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Learn my process of creating these adorable little row-style houses from start to finish. I’ll even show you how to draw them from a photograph so you can start taking commissions and make some extra cash in your art career! I’ll be using Procreate on the iPad to map out four styles of houses you can copy. After we’re done we’ll ink them and then add color and shading to give them character. You will need Procreate on your iPad with a pencil stylus (we prefer the Apple Pencil).


Access to 7 helpful videos

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Colo Mono Procreate Brush

JPG of my Tiny Hour Project to Print

PDF Guide for Project

Procreate Tiny Houses File

Support in comment section of each lesson

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Common Questions

What equipment do I need to take this course?

We will use Procreate for this project. You will need an iPad to use Procreate. I recommend using an iPad that works best with an Apple Pencil. Though other styluses are okay. Check the Procreate FAQ page for styluses that are compatible with their app. The bonus lesson uses Adobe Illustrator on the computer, but you don’t need to vector your final file if you create it as the size for the final print.

What version of Procreate do you use with this course?

This is an older course that uses Procreate 4x. But no worries! There is nothing advanced in this workshop that utilizes some of the features of Procreate 5x. Though some of the newer features might be helpful, it's really still a great workshop you can learn a lot from and adapt with on your app.

Can’t I take this on my iPad?

Of course, you can. This workshop uses the iPad (with the exception of the bonus lesson where I vector my file using Adobe Illustrator on my computer). I do recommend having the workshop lessons playing on a computer or another tablet so you can work alongside me on your iPad. But it's not necessary.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

Yes, I do. Please contact me via email within 10 days of signing up for the course and let me see your progress! Maybe I can help!

Is this course live?

No, this course has been recorded so you can take it at your own pace. You get access to all of the modules and downloads as soon as you complete your purchase. Start and stop whenever you need.

Is this workshop for beginners?

Yep! As long as you are familiar with the basics of Procreate this workshop is for you. Please note this workshop was developed and filmed while Procreate was in version 4x. There have been some changes to the screens with updated versions of Procreate so they may look a little different. But it won't be difficult to follow.

Can I ask you for help?

We use Slack for all of our support. Once you’ve completed your purchase you’ll notice the invite link to join our Private Slack Group is in each lesson. Use it to share images, ask questions, etc. I'm on Slack a lot so I'll see your message and can answer your questions.

Do you have a Facebook Group for this Course?

No, I don't. I don't personally use Facebook, so use our Slack group via the invitation inside the course to ask questions and get support.

Got a question before you enroll? Email me on the Contact form on my site navigation and I'll be happy to answer any pre-sale questions.