Folk Florals and Lettering Using Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Folk Florals and Lettering Using Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Do you use Image Trace? The answer is yes. I use Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator on my lettering pieces because I want to maintain that hand lettered feel.

Image Trace isn’t perfect, but you can get it close and I’ll show you how I take this folk florals lettering piece and use Image Trace on the lettering and complete it.

This video is more for those familiar with Illustrator. It’s not a slow, walk through video. Those take time, so slow down the video if you need to understand better (you can do that in YouTube settings).

Watch the Process of Using Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Tools Used in This Video

For this video I use:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
  • I’m on an iMac Pro

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Be sure to join the vault for a copy of my Image Trace Settings. I did tweak them recently and what’s in the Vault makes me much happier!

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