This course is only free for a limited time. We are revamping the workshop to work with Procreate 5 and adding more features. We will be charging for it at that time. So sign up for free today!

Free iPad Brush Lettering Course

I’m so excited to be announcing my brand new, FREE iPad Brush Lettering course. I will be teaching you the basics to the more advanced levels of flourishing and bounce lettering in this free course. You got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for Christmas but you can’t get your lettering to look like those super popular Instagram posts.


  • You’ll get access to 18 videos.
  • Gain more knowledge about the Procreate App and how to be more efficient with it.
  • Understand how to hold the Apple Pencil for pressure to form brush lettering strokes.
  • Watch me letter so you can improve your skills.
  • Learn flourishing and bounce lettering.
  • Create 3 projects with me.
  • Discover how I vector all of my lettering using Adobe Illustrator.

It’s time to snap out of that funk and stop comparing yourself to others! My iPad Brush Lettering course helps you build your skills and encourages you to keep going so you can letter EVERYTHING!

How do you access it?

Easy! Sign up for my email list and you’ll be redirected to the page with videos. Also, check your email for the password so you can access it at any time.

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