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iPad Brush Lettering?

You’ll get access to 18 videos.

Gain more knowledge about the Procreate App and how to be more efficient with it.

Understand how to hold the Apple Pencil for pressure to form brush lettering strokes.

Watch me letter so you can improve your skills.

Learn flourishing and bounce lettering.

Create 3 projects with me.

Discover how I vector all of my lettering using Adobe Illustrator.

I developed this free workshop in January 2018 and thousands of amazing lettering artists have taken it. This is a password protected page, not a workshop that runs on a learning platform where you can bookmark your spot. This helps us to keep our enrollment database smaller to just our paid workshops, which in turns makes our site run more efficiently. There may be some outdated Procreate screens in this workshop as it hasn't been updated before the Procreate 5 app release.

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