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Friday Freebies for Crafters

First off, let me say how excited I am that we have a site dedicated to my craft designs! And, now, Friday Freebies for crafters is here!

Attention Crafters! Friday Freebies for Crafters is here! Over at Holly Pixels, you can get free clipart and SVG cut files every Friday delivered to your inbox! Come over and check out our tutorials, products, and more. Visit and sign up!

Clipart and Cut Files for Crafters

I’ve been designing clipart for quite a while now for crafters and other graphic designers to use in their projects. I started out selling my designs at Creative Market and then opened up an Etsy shop to sell them. I took a bit of a hiatus with my clipart designs in January 2015, but was encouraged to get back to it!

Now, I’m also created other craft designs for cutting machines! WOOP WOOP! Creating SVG cut files for Silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines has been such a blast!

My friend over at Coast and Cane asked me to design a few things and so I put them in my shop. Low and behold, they did very well. So, I have been creatively designing more craft cutting files for your cutting machines and adding them to the shop.

I’m eager to go back through some of my clipart designs and convert them over to cut files as time permits.

What You Can Expect at Holly Pixels

In the past, I’ve blogged over on my business website about crafty things like using your Silhouette machine and brush lettering. I stopped doing that there so my audience wasn’t getting confused. I focus solely on helping other creative people have a strong brand and give tip and tutorials on how to use social media, graphic design and other things for their business.

Since I hid those articles, I’m excited to bring them back, but in a more refreshing way and over here on this site! Having two sites makes more sense and will give those that enjoy crafting and my designs in this capacity a better focus.

So, you can expect lots of video tutorials, ideas on how to use my designs and some classes over here at Holly Pixels.

Friday Freebies for Crafters

And, to get things rolling here over on my blog I wanted to offer you something pretty awesome.

Every Friday, you can get my latest free design in your inbox! Friday Freebies features a simple design that you can use as clipart or a cut file (I give you all file types). If you miss out on a Friday design, you still have the opportunity to purchase it for $1 in the Dollar Spot of my shop, though.

Sign Up for Friday Freebies

How do I sign up for Friday Freebies? Easy! Just complete the form below and you’ll be all set to get emails on Fridays.

I look forward to creating more amazing things for you and helping you learn how to use my products!

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