How Tailwind Helped Grow My Etsy Business 4X in 5 Months

Learn how Tailwind helped grow my Etsy business 4X in 5 months. I make a living from Etsy and you can too. Join my Tailwind Tribes for added boosts to your listings.

How Tailwind Helped Grow My Etsy Business 4X in 5 Months

There are a lot of things about Etsy that can either be confusing or so helpful, but nothing like how Tailwind helped me grow my Etsy business 4X in 5 months!

FYI: this post contains affiliate links where I receive a percentage of sales if you click through and purchase through my affiliate links. These are noted with an asterisk.

The History of How I Started on Etsy

I started my Etsy Business back in 2007 but I haphazardly sold things like bows for babies, signs for photographers, and even art prints. It wasn’t until a year ago that I was encouraged to turn my hand lettering into SVG files for Cricut and Silhouette users by my dear friend over at Coast + Cane. Aimee told me how she was always on the hunt for quality SVGs for her wooden signs.

I lettered my first few designs in the fall and surprisingly they took off like hotcakes! I was shocked. I decided to get serious about ETsy and learned everything I could about SEO on Etsy and how i should optimize my listings and market my products better and more consistently. It worked. Fast forward and a year later I am able to live off what I make.

Pinterest Helps Me Get Eyes on My Content

A little over two years ago I studied Pinterest and I learned from the best, Melyssa Griffen over at Pinfinite Growth*. This course taught me everything I needed to know about how to use Pinterest strategically to make my content get seen and get results…sales. After I implemented Melyssa’s program into my Pinterest account, it exploded. I grew my account phenomenally. I was growing my blog – the pageviews grew every month.

I implemented the Pinterest strategies I learned into Etsy and I started sharing my work and Etsy sales went up and up every month. I quickly learned that consistency was key. In may I had to take a break to handle my grandmother’s affairs and become her primary caregiver. Once the dust settled I started back up again in July and went full force.

How Tailwind Helped Grow My Etsy Business

Now, you can post on Pinterest and hope for the best. You need to fight the algorithms, you need to create different pin graphics that work and test them, and you need to repeat your pins. Tailwind* does that for me. Try it for free!

Tailwind allows me to schedule my content on Pinterest so it can be seen at the best times of the day and is consistently keeping my boards in front of viewers. I don’t care about the amount of followers I have as much anymore. I care more about the end result which is people clicking through and going to Etsy.

Yeah that’s my stats! Look at that growth! (I chose to hide my actual numbers because I don’t want to discourage anyone that has just started on Etsy. It takes time, patience and consistency to grow.)

It’s really a beautiful thing using Tailwind to schedule my posts in advance. With traveling, I can fill up my Pinterest schedule and not worry, things go on while I’m away.

More people come to my Etsy from Pinterest than any other social media outlet (even though Pinterest isn’t social media, Etsy categorizes it that way). Amplifying my reach is what is most important. But, I can’t do that without the option of Tailwind’s newest feature, Tribes.

Tailwind is the Added Boost

Yes, Tailwind Tribes are pretty awesome, but do you understand them? Let’s break it down!

  • A Tailwind Tribe is simply a group of Pinterest users that come together with one shared goal.
  • The Tribe itself is niched, just like a group board. So if you’re a social media expert you may be interested in a Tailwind Tribe that shares pins about that topic.
  • Then, each of you are agreeing to boost each other’s blog posts by sharing their pins that are showcased in the Tribe. It’s like a pool of cool kids that want to share your posts in exchange for sharing theirs.

Does that make sense?


Should I Join a Tailwind Tribe?

If you’re a blogger, you have probably read that Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to blogs. But it can also drive traffic to your Etsy shop!

Having other Pinners sharing your content to their audience is the best way to get more exposure. And, unlike Group Boards which are harder to monitor, a Tailwind Tribe admin can monitor pins much easier and manage members. So your content is more rich here and more relevant. This in turn means more repins. Repins means more traffic to your content.

It’s a win-win for you!

You’re Invited to Join my Tailwind Tribes!

I’ve found a couple of tribes that I really like. The goal isn’t to join every one out there, just like group boards you MUST participate for them to work. There are some that don’t get monitored and I often choose to leave those if they don’t improve.

I decided to create my own Tribes because I care and I want my content shared. I want your content shared!

And, I’d like to invite you to them! You must request to join and follow the rules. SHARING IS CARING! If you aren’t sharing you get kicked out!

Click on each to join:

Creative Lettering – share your hand lettering, calligraphy, chalk lettering, brush lettering, etc.

Etsy Promotions – this tribe allows you to share your Etsy listings.

SVG Promotions – if you are an SVG designer, use this tribe to promote your SVG listings.

How Do I Use Tribes?

Click the link to join a tribe (whether one of my mine or an invitation in an email you get from a friend), if it’s public you’ll see the dashboard like this. If you have to be approved, it may look slightly different (or empty).

1 | This is where you can choose the Tribe you wish to view. It also indicates how many new pins have been shared to the tribe since your last visit.

2 | Here you will find the Tribe description and rules. FOLLOW THE RULES!

3 | A list of the Tribe Members and how many they have shared. These might be good people to follow. You can also chat with each.

4 | Here is where you can see how many of your own pins you have shared vs. shared of others. Follow the rules, if it says pin 2X per your 1, then do it!

5 | The pins shown in this Tribe can be added to your queue. You can also hover over each pin and choose to skip a pin.

See you in the Tribes!

Affiliate Links Disclosure

This post may contain affiliate links noted with an asterisk*, which means that if you click on one of the product links I’ve included, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale should you purchase it.

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