How to Make Pretty Floral Boho Line Art in Procreate

How to Make Pretty Floral Boho Line Art in Procreate

 If boho is your thing, then you’ll love learning how to make pretty floral boho line art in Procreate with me. Today we’re going to make this pretty artwork!

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Let’s Make Pretty Floral Boho Line Art in Procreate

For this pretty floral boho line art I’m going to keep it simple and black and white. It’s a pretty basic/beginner tutorial that anyone can follow. We’ll be using:

Step 1: Create a New Canvas in Procreate

  1. To make our pretty floral boho line art we need to create a new canvas in Procreate. Open the Procreate app and start a new canvas. For this project, I’m going to use a square canvas so I can easily share it on Instagram later. 
  2. To create your own canvas in Procreate, while in the Gallery, click the + sign in the upper right corner. Then tap on the icon in the top corner of the palette.
  3. On the next screen, set your DPI. I’m going to set mine to 150 DPI. If you want to know more about DPI I have a video that you can click here to check out.
  4. Next enter the dimensions. Instagram sizing recommends 1080 x 1080 pixels so I will enter that for my width and height. Notice the number of max layers? This will vary depending on the DPI, size of your canvas, and your particular iPad model.
  5. Name your new canvas so you can use it again by tapping on the UNTILED and giving it a name.

Step 2: Set Up the Grid on Your Canvas

  1. For this project, I am going to set up the grid so I can draw my diamond shape uniformly. Go to the Wrench Icon and then Canvas. On this panel turn on Drawing Guide
  2. Next, choose Edit Drawing Guide
  3. On the next screen turn on Symmetry and then click on OPTIONS. Here I will choose Quadrant and turn on Assisted Drawing.
  4. Tap on DONE in the top right corner to close out and get started.

Step 3: Sketch Your Drawing

  1. For this part of the project, I prefer to use a sketch pencil. This is just like traditional drawing and allows me to rough out my ideas first.
  2. I’ll be using the Technical pencil found in the default Procreate Brushes/Sketching
  3. Start at the top of your quadrant (find the vertical line) and then use your pencil to draw in an angle to the left and meet at the horizontal line on the quadrant. Use QuickShape by drawing the line and hold until it snaps a perfect line. 
  4. Next, I’ll start drawing my flowers. For these flowers, I’m going to keep it to just three. Don’t worry if they overlap off the sides of your diamond. This is just a sketch.
  5. I start by forming a wide u-shape and then come up and wiggle my pencil to create the tops of the flowers.
  6. Next, I’ll draw more wiggle lines above to connect and make the flower a little more 3d.
  7. Draw the stem base and stems down and past the diamond line.
  8. Make sure you’re happy with the placement of all three flowers.
  9. Move on to drawing the leaves on the flowers and create the vines. Again, don’t worry about overlapping at this point. You just want to work on placement. 

Step 4: Apply Clean Line Art

  1. Now that I’m happy with the placement (you’re free to sketch and move things around until you’re happy) I will go ahead and create a new layer and turn down the opacity of my sketch so I can see it but it isn’t distracting.
  2. I tend to draw the fronts of my flowers and the backs on different layers. This way if I accidentally extend my lines I can erase and it looks cleaner. I’m going to use a little thicker stroke line of the Colo Mono brush found in my Colorado Procreate Brush pack at
  3. Repeat the process for all three flowers. 
  4. On a new layer draw in the stems. I tend to draw mine down through the other flowers so they look like they line up properly. Then erase away inside each flower where they touch.
  5. Repeat the process with the vines on a new layer. Layers are your friend!
  6. Next, on a new layer use a thicker brush stroke and draw the diamond shape. You can erase away any overlapping floral elements from their respective layers.
  7. With a thinner brush stroke that I used on the flowers, I’m going to go in and add the floral details as shown.
  8. And that’s it! Your pretty floral boho line art in Procreate is complete! If you wish to color it in, Simply merge all of your line art layers together and click on the layer and choose REFERENCE. If you follow my past videos of coloring, I use REFERENCE to be able to easily drag and drop colors onto new layers below. I won’t show you that here, you can check it out in this video.

There you have it! I really hope you were able to learn something valuable today and get your creative juices flowing when it comes to making boho line art in Procreate! I really enjoyed teaching and appreciate you watching my tutorials.

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Until next time!

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