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How to Scrapbook on the iPad with Procreate

Learn how to scrapbook on the iPad with Procreate and Holly Pixels

How to Scrapbook on the iPad with Procreate

Most people don’t know this about me, but I started my scrapbook design career back in the early 2000’s. I found digital scrapbooking for Photoshop and fell in love.

This led me to be contracted designing products for traditional paper companies like Bo Bunny Press and Pink Paislee. I even had a rubber stamping line of my own at one time.

Digital scrapbooking sorta faded, like traditional scrapbooking. While people still do it, it’s not the rage. A lot of shops closed down and I ended up moving on to the photography world, using my design skills to create templates for photographers (cards, albums, etc.)

Fast forward to now, and I want to scrapbook again. But I don’t always want to sit at my computer.

Why not scrapbook on the iPad with Procreate?

This video will show you how. It’s a bit long, so please feel free to speed up the video playback. But it’s important and good and helps those completely unable to figure it out. I want to reach all levels of experience!

Get this kit used in the shoppe here.

Check out the new category in the shoppe!

I have listed a few items to get you going in the shoppe with more designs coming. The team is working on fun kits you can use in your iPad scrapbooking journey!

I have more planned soon!

I’m in the middle of moving, so I can’t do much more in the way of tutorials until I’m done and everything is set back up. But I know this will be really helpful.

Special note: Procreate limits the amount of layers your device can create depending on 1 – the amount of RAM your iPad has and 2 – the size of your canvas and DPI. For more FAQs and to learn how to download samples to test your device first before buying, please visit our scrapbook page of the website. As we learn who can use high res and who can’t with what models we’ll update that page FAQ.

Head over the Vault to download this cute kit and a test template to see if your device is okay to use. If you use an iPad Pro you are totally fine with high res files!


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About holly

Holly McCaig is the owner of Holly Pixels and has a passion for teaching all things creative! Holly resides in Denver, Colorado and shares with you her tutorials on Procreate, lettering and planning.


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