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Before you submit an email to me through the form below, read through the FAQs.

Then, if you find you have problems with your download links not working or they are blank when you unzip them, note that I often have to fix files or update them. This means the links will change from what you get in your email. And, if you don't get your order when you purchase it this will help you. To save time, you can login to your account in the shop via the menu (or here) locate your order. Download the most current files via the blue download buttons.

Methods for Downloading & Installing my Companion Workbook, Procreate Practice Files & Procreate Brushes

Option 1

Purchasing & Downloading on the Computer
to transfer to iPad Pro

Option 2

Purchasing & Downloading Directly
on the iPad Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

My Dropbox is showing files grayed out, what do I do? First off you need to make sure you're trying to open Procreate files if you're importing them into Procreate. Procreate will not take a PDF file nor open a zip file. If you're sure you're trying to import a PROCREATE file that you have unzipped then try rebooting your iPad. Make sure you're using the most updated version of Procreate and your iOS is updated as well. If that doesn't help, try putting your files in the iCloud services instead of Dropbox.

I don't know how to open my files. Scroll back up and watch the videos.

Can I change the brush settings of your brushes? You can alter them to fit your needs. However my brushes are protected by copyright so you cannot re-share your versions based on mine or sell them to anyone.

Can I use your Procreate files and brushes on an iPad different from iPad Pro? Possibly, but most older iPads can't handle the file size of Procreate files because they don't have enough RAM. Purchase at your own risk as I cannot provide refunds.

Can I get help with brush lettering? I don't provide any individual help since the course is free. Join our FB Group to ask questions.

I can't finish downloading or I get asked for password, even when I download through the website. If you are on your iPad and using the cellular service you'll never be able to download large files. Apple has a throttle on this. Use your computer and download and transfer via a cloud service like DropBox.

If you don't have a computer try switching to WiFi to download. If this still doesn't work, your ISP is probably throttling your downloads to the device. Some people found success when they went to the neighbor's house. But you could try and reboot your router. If that doesn't work, use the form below the your order number and I'll get you the links to bypass this.

The brush I bought writes really jagged! Okay that means your Apple Pencil sensor is probably broken. Try switching it out with the extra one that came with it and see if that helps.

When All Else Fails...

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Still can't figure it out?

Please use the form to submit an email to me.

  1. Use the name and email you use in our shop.
  2. Include your order number from the receipt (not PayPal). If you forget to do this your assistance could take longer.
  3. Please be VERY specific with your issues so we can answer your promptly.
  4. Don't use FB or Instagram to message me. I don't see them. Please only use this method.

My Business Hours: 10-4 p.m. MST Monday through Friday. Please be patient on weekends and holidays as I'm not in my office.

But can't I come to you for individual help?

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to help people one-on-one. I have built my Facebook Group so people can support one another and I can answer all questions there. You could have a question someone else is asking about, ya know? 

Join us in the group if it's a question about lettering and the iPad Pro.

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