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Common Solutions to Common Questions

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Please note that we are NOT affiliated with Procreate. This is an app for drawing. We do sell brush files for Procreate in the .brushset format - where you install the one file and multiple brushes import at once for you. If you have Procreate technical problems, please contact their support team.


Please note that we are NOT affiliated with GoodNotes. This is an app that imports PDF files and PNG files. We simply provide you with a file where we've imported them all for you. Or you can use our PDF and separate files to use on any other app. If you have GoodNotes technical problems, please contact their support team.

Visit this section of our website for ever-growing library of tutorials, too!


GoodNotes version 5 only recently came out and is consistently buggy. This is a known issue and what happened is that they changed a format in how PDFs are viewed. However, what it does is cause some people to see blank pages. It’s a random glitch and doesn’t always happen.

This is out of our control as we are not affiliated with GoodNotes.

What we provide are PDF files and PNG files for stickers. We simply make it easier for you by putting them into GoodNotes for you and exporting the file. Saving you tons of time putting all of those stickers in a book. The reason we offer this for GoodNotes is that the majority of our customers use this app over other note taking apps.

With this glitch we have found:

  1. REPORT It to GoodNotes. We have done this and ask that you do too. You can submit a ticket here:
  2. Use GoodNotes 4 if you can. It’s going to love you forever and not cause these bugs. You can still get it in the App Store if you haven’t already.

Some solutions our team members have said helped if they can’t use GoodNotes 4:

  • Close out all other tabs and documents in GoodNotes. Delete the GoodNotes file you downloaded from your app and then reboot. Try only having this app open (close out all other apps completely) and import again.
  • Delete from the app and reimport. Multiple times and eventually it does work.
  • Download the PDF version of the book and import it to GoodNotes 5 directly. Download and unzip our stickers and drag them into your sticker book individually (sorry this takes so long but it’s the only way to bring them in). To do this view our video.

We only use GoodNotes 4 and export via GoodNotes 4 to avoid any bugs on our end. Until GoodNotes fixes this these are the solutions we can provide. We have placed this message at the top of our shopping cart page, on the FAQ page and just above where you submitted your ticket. Once we know it’s been fixed we will remove those and announce it in our email newsletter.


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