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The Companion Workbook & Procreate Practice Guides for iPad Pro are the tools you need to take the free Letter Pixels iPad Lettering Course to the next level.


iPad Lettering Companion Guide & Procreate Practice Guides for iPad Pro

If you have been watching my FREE iPad Brush Lettering course for iPad Pro, it’s time to take things up a notch. Brush Lettering on the iPad Pro doesn’t have to be difficult.

A gorgeous design in the PDF Companion Guide - who needs to take notes, now?

Easy to install Procreate Guides created for iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil make practicing your lettering super simple.

Lettering over my style will improve your skills and help you get more consistent.


A beautifully designed 52-page PDF Companion Guide that you can import to your iPad Pro book readers or print. Choose the high res or low res when downloading the guide to meet your personal needs.

The iPad Lettering Companion Guide and Procreate Practice Guides from Holly Pixels will help you in your lettering learning process.

26 Practice Guides designed as Procreate Files for the iPad Pro to help you letter on top of my lettering style. Improving your lettering on the iPad Pro has never been easier.

The iPad Lettering Companion Guide and Procreate Practice Guides from Holly Pixels will help you in your lettering learning process.
Guides cover: The Script Lettering Style with Basic stroke drills, Multiple sheets for forming the alphabet in upper and lower case, Numbers, Symbols, Words, Flourishes, Bounce Lettering, and three project templates to follow taught in the course.

This is the same guide shown in my free iPad Lettering Course. It's not necessary to purchase, but it is helpful to improve your lettering. You're getting:

  • The 56-page Companion Guide PDF (in both low res and high res)
  • 26 Procreate Practice Guides (with layers to assist you with lettering)
  • The Durango Procreate Brush (just in case you haven't grabbed it free yet)
  • Updates to the purchase as I make them

I recommend purchasing the Companion Guide and Procreate Practice Sheets on your computer because they are zipped. You can unzip the files and organize them neatly on a cloud service to access on your iPad Pro. This isn't necessary but is much easier.

This purchase is for users of iPad Pro (current iOS), Apple Pencil and Procreate App v 4+. I cannot provide support for other devices nor promise that you can open the Procreate files on other tablet models from the iPad Pro. Purchase at your own risk. No refunds.

Above are videos to help you with downloading and opening the guides. Choose the method you're using (computer desktop or your iPad). If you have problems with your brushes use my Help Page to get support Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST.


Want to take my free iPad Brush Lettering Course? You can! Snap out of the funk thinking you'll never get better than the other letterers you follow on Instagram. You can!