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iPad Brush Lettering in Procreate

Improve your Lettering Skills

Learn the basics of Procreate and how to form letter strokes, flourishing, bounce lettering, and more with this free workshop.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I got you!

This free workshop will teach you the skills to learn iPad Lettering and encourage you to keep going so you can letter all the things!


in Procreate?

You’ll get access to 18 videos to help you learn more about the Procreate App and how to be more efficient with it. I’ll also teach you how to hold the Apple Pencil for pressure to form brush lettering strokes.

Watch me letter in real-time so you can improve your skills. Plus, learn flourishing and bounce lettering. We’ll create three projects together to help you practice what you learned.

I’ll also take you through vectoring my lettering using Adobe Illustrator.

Discover how I vector all of my lettering using Adobe Illustrator.

I developed this free workshop in January 2018, and thousands of fantastic lettering artists have taken it. This workshop was created before Procreate 5X release and screens, and some features may have changed. Hopefully, we can update in 2022, but you should still learn quite a bit in this free workshop.


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Common Questions

What equipment do I need to take this course?

This workshop was developed prior to Procreate 5X and there are some outdated screens. New features were created with new versions of Procreate but you should be fine. Use our free Facebook group if you need help. You will need an iPad that is compatible with the Apple Pencil having pressure support. We use the Procreate app as well. In the bonus section, I teach about how to vector using Adobe Illustrator on the desktop.

Do you have a workbook or practice sheets?

We have a paid workbook with practice sheets called the iPad Lettering for Beginners Companion Workbook that you can purchase in the shop. This is not necessary to complete the free workshop but many have found them helpful in continuing their practice with iPad lettering.

How do I download the Procreate brush you use?

It's free when you join the Vault. It's our free library with a password-protected page full of downloads for your journey with the iPad.

Is this course live?

No, this course has been recorded so that you can take it at your own pace. You get access to all modules as soon as you enroll. Start and stop whenever you need.

Do I get access to the course for life?

Life is a long time! If I die, then no. But, for the lifetime of my business, you get access to this workshop and any updates.

Do you have a Facebook Group for this course?

You can use our free Facebook group for support.

Got a question before you enroll? Email me on the Contact form on my site navigation, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.