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Scrapbooking on the iPad

Get creative with your memories on your iPad! We teach you how you can digitally scrapbook with our kits and have fun pages to look at down the road. Sign up for free pocket scrapbook templates by joining the Vault.



Scrapbooking on the iPad looks so real! Just like paper! We provide quality digital scrapbook kits including papers and embellishments to make your memory-keeping pretty. All you need is the Procreate app to get started!

How do I scrapbook on the iPad?

We created a basic walk through video for you to follow along with as we use our iPad Pro Gen 3, Apple Pencil 2 and the Procreate App. Please read the FAQs about scrapbooking on your iPad before making a purchase.

If you still need help, visit our FAQ page where you can submit a support ticket.

What do I need to scrapbook on my iPad? You will need Procreate App, an iPad that has the capabilities to handle multiple layers in Procreate, your best bet is the iPad Pro. Please note that we are not associated with Procreate and do not have control over this. Read the Procreate FAQ and use their discussion forums to ask questions about the app.

How do I know if I can scrapbook on my iPad? If you have less than 2 GB of RAM you will probably have problems with the high resolution scrapbooking in Procreate. RAM is not the same as the amount of space your device has. You should do a search via Google with your device to determine how much RAM is has. You can also sign up for our Vault to download our samples for free before you buy. We cannot refund purchase because you didn't test or do your research first.

What files types do you offer? Our Pocket Card Template Sets give you the option to purchase a Photoshop file for desktop scrapbooking, these are .PSD files. Or, you can choose the Procreate versions that allow you to download high or low resolution versions as .procreate files. Our digital scrapbooking kits give you the option to purchase the low resolution version or high resolution version. High res means you want to print and you have a device that can handle the file sizes (iPad Pros, models with minimum of 2 GB of RAM. The kits include .JPG files for the papers and .PNG files for the elements and journal cards. These can be used in Procreate or Photoshop (or other raster editing program).

Why do the low res versions of your scrapbook kits have drop shadows on the elements? Because some people want to use these directly in GoodNotes on their planners this allows them to get the effect. They can't build the shadow layers in that app. Also, it cuts down on the number of layers for devices that can't handle that many layers before crashing in Procreate.

If I don't have an iPad Pro can I still use Procreate to scrapbook on my iPad? Possibly. Though, we cannot test this with every model out there at this time. We offer our files in High Resolution and Low Resolution. If you have a device that has 4GB of RAM, like the iPad Pro, you will be able to use the high resolution files with no issues. If you have an older model of iPad, like iPad Minis or iPad Air, you are limited with the number of layers you can use. In this case you may only be able to use our Low Resolution Files, and merge layers often so you can do more. Layer limitations exist to prevent the app from crashing. It varies among iPad models and the size of your canvas (high resolution files use a higher DPI and therefore effect how many layers you can have on your device).

Do you have samples we can test? Yes, join the Vault and you can get access to our library of free downloads. Scroll to the scrapbook section to download test files of a Pocket Scrapbook Page in high or low resolution, and a mini kit in high and low resolution.

Do you know which models do work with scrapbooking? So we have a team of ambassadors and as we learn what's working and what isn't we will list here. Still you should test by joining the Vault and downloading samples.

Tested and works: iPad Pro Gen 3, iPad Pro Gen 2, iPad Pro Gen 1

How do I unzip my downloads? You should follow our unzipping tutorial here. We highly recommend moving your files to a cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive, etc. Keeping your files organized makes it easy to use the Files App to drag and drop onto your canvas in Procreate.

Can I use your digital planner products for scrapbooking? Sure! But they are only 150 DPI and indicated as such by each product description. So you can't print them.


Try Before You Buy!

Join the Vault to download our free digital scrapbook kit and pocket scrapbook page template. See if your device can handle the file sizes and layers before you buy!


Our latest collection in the shoppe it out and here is a gallery of inspiration from our Pixel Scrapper Ambassadors. To see more, visit the full gallery on our website.


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