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iPad Scrapbooking

Did you know you can scrapbook your memories on the go with your iPad? I show you different techniques and help you preserve those precious times in life.

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what do I need to


There are plenty of photo editing apps out there that will allow you to scrapbook on your iPad. However, I prefer using Procreate as most people already have that app. As other apps get more robust I’ll be showing you how to do it with them as well. Scrapbooking requires the use of high resolution files, so you need a large iPad with lots of memory and file space.

can i print

my pages?

Sure! Your layouts need to be at least 300 DPI when you start your layout design. Once your’e all done, save a copy as a JPG. Then, you can either print to an air printer you might have, or you can send it off to print. Some places we like are Persnickety Prints, or use Blurb Books to make a book of all of your layouts.


helpful videos

I’ve put together some of our most helpful videos to guide you on your new scrapbooking journey. If you need more inspiration or help, visit our blog for new tutorials.

How to Scrapbook on your iPad

Creating Cute Flags in Procreate

Scrapbook an Engagement Layout

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Need some ideas for scrapbooking? We have it for you! Check out our scrapbook layout roundup each month on the blog.


We have a large collection of kits you can use to help you scrapbook your memories on the go with your iPad. Come check them out each week.

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Not sure if your iPad can handle the large files for scrapbooking? Download a free kit in the Vault to try first. If it works and you can do a layout, you’re good to go!