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Our Final Collection

This is our last collection. We sent out multiple emails to everyone to notify them about Pixel Pack ending. We appreciate you all so much and hope you enjoy this last set. Grab your items before the end of the month so you have them all.

all the deets!

How It Works

Deadline to Add This Month's Items: Since we release new packs on the 1st Thursday of each month, be sure to grab the current items before the Wednesday before at noon MST. After that time they may not be available to you. You must add them to your cart and complete checkout before this deadline in order to get them. You don't have to download them, but you must complete checkout. Make sure the purchase went through before you walk away by checking your email or dashboard order history. We cannot give you links after the deadline for any reason.

I'm an Annual Member, How Do I Get 20% Off? If you are an Annual member you can receive 20% off all Pixel Planners in the shoppe. These items will show up with an indicator on the preview and should show the discount on the product. If you are a Monthly member there is no discount.

How Do I Access The Items: You can click on this page from your account dashboard/My Membership and then click on the products above and add them to your cart. As long as you are logged in they will show as $0 at checkout. Do not process the order if they do not show $0 at checkout. Contact us via our support ticket system.

How Do I Cancel: You can cancel your membership at any time. Login to your account, look for Subscriptions in your dashboard. Find your subscription order, view it and then choose CANCEL. Subscriptions canceled due to expire up to two days before a new release will automatically cancel and the new release won't receive the new items.

How to Access this Page

If at any time you can’t find this page or need help with your membership, please login to your account and locate it to the your Membership in the dashboard. You can also cancel your membership in this location. Please do so BEFORE it renews as we will not refund or prorate memberships. We recommend placing the signup date on your calendar with a reminder a few days before renewal to avoid forgetting. Memberships that are monthly and cancelled before launch date will not receive the next launch as your account will be cancelled the morning of launch days.