30 Ways to Brush Letter Practice Sheets



30 Ways to Brush Letter Practice Sheets

If you’ve been following along on my YouTube Channel with the Daily Alphabet Challenge: 30 Ways to Letter each letter in the alphabet, then you’re probably here to pick up my practice sheets. I’ve provided you with everything I have done on each day as a downloadable JPEG that you can print or put into your own iPad Pro.

Click here to watch the free video tutorials for each day.

The sheets contain my letters with a lower opacity so that they do not distract from your lettering on a layer above. Use them over and over again to strengthen your lettering skills.

30 Ways to Brush Letter Practice Sheets

What you’re getting is:

  • JPG files to download to your computer or DropBox file
  • All 26 letters on their own individual JPG file sheets
  • Each sheet has the letters I’ve demoed in my own lettering challenge videos (30 of each) – so you can see them there.
  • You can use them on your iPad Pro like I’ve shown you in my videos or you can print them out for traditional brush lettering practice

After you purchase, you’ll receive a .zip file to download via your computer. Unsure how to get zip files to your iPad?


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