Social Justice at Holly McCaig Creative, LLC

I Holly McCaig and our business, Holly McCaig Creative, LLC dba Holly Pixels is an ally for social justice. This support includes but is not limited to supporting our fellow artists of color, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ, and anti-hate platforms.

We also encourage you to take action through education and donations:

BLM Support

How to Talk to Your Parents about Black Lives Matter

Contact Your Elected Official (the NAACP created a form you can use)

Sign the Black Lives Matter Petition

#8cantwait - check this site for if your city is following action steps - decrease police violence by 72%

This page on Cosmo's website lists other places to donate and petitions to sign.

150 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support

LGBTQ Support

The Trevor Project - Support LGBTQ Youth

GLAAD - tackling tough issues for LGBTQ acceptance

Asian Support

Stop Asian Hate

Support and action have to be forever.

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