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So you're new around here, eh?

Whether you're new to iPad lettering or drawing in Procreate, or you're just new here to Holly Pixels this page will help you get the just of how it all works here, or get you started with your creative journey.

1. Sign Up for the Vault

Take a look around. But before you do anything, sign up for my email list. This will give you access to the Vault. That is where I host my free Procreate brush, Durango. And, I have lots of other fun freebies in there. Plus it will put you on my email list so I can send you updates to products, courses, and more here at Holly Pixels.


2. Join Our Facebook Group

If you need help with anything or want some feedback on your lettering or drawings using Procreate be sure to join our Facebook Group. It's free to you, and Erica, our host will help you in any way she can. Plus, we sometimes run contests in there. Yeah, free stuff!

3. Take My Free iPad Lettering Class

If you want to learn iPad lettering with Procreate this free class is for you! 18 videos full of helpful info that will get you started and help you with being more consistent so you can improve.


4. Helpful Blog Posts

I have a lot of fun tutorials on my blog to get you started. If you're looking for some basics these should get you going.

5. Hit the Shop

If you're looking for quality Procreate brushes, workbooks, and more, check out my shop. You'll find so many of the tools I've used over the years to help me with my lettering and drawing on the iPad.


6. Take A Class

I've got a few other classes that might interest you, taking your skills to the next level, like my lettering workshop, Creativity is a Drug. It is created with step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

7. Get Help

And, if none of the above help or you need an answer to a question about an order, please reach out. I can point you in the right direction or give you a hand!