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As of May 19, 2018 you may use any of my designs for commercial use without a license as long as you comply with trademark laws. I am NOT responsible for your violations. You should do your due diligence to see if the phrase you are using from my collection is in fact not trademarked in your selling category.

No refunds on past licenses. This change is due to administration reasons. The price for an SVG is so low that it's not worth my time to manage licensing and research. You use at your own risk for commercial use.

We are currently updating listings in the Etsy shop a little at a time. This page will always be the most current.

I (Holly McCaig) am not nor is my business, Holly McCaig Creative, LLC (dba Holly Pixels and will be referred to as such throughout the rest of this document) responsible for trademark violations if you purchase and sell an SVG design phrase on a product that may be in a trademark class that you are selling. Please do your proper trademark research as well as copyright research.


Purchase of a digital file from Holly Pixels (Holly McCaig Creative, LLC) does not transfer rights to the buyer. Copyright of the design itself belongs to Holly McCaig Creative, LLC. By purchasing this digital file you are agreeing to that terms indicated here. You are responsible for reviewing this set of policies before each purchase.


Please read each product description for indication. All of my designs are okay for personal use, however, not all of my designs are for commercial use. It’s imperative that you read each listing description thoroughly before making your purchase. Please ask if you have any questions before making your purchase as I cannot provide refunds.


All of my products are okay for personal use. Please make sure to follow these terms when using my files for personal use.

  • You can print and cut my designs for personal use.
  • You cannot share the digital files you receive from me with anyone. This includes via email or a file sharing site.
  • You cannot give away a printable or print file of the design, even if you alter it.
  • You may not alter the design and then try and sell or give the new file you created away.


Products in this category are listed as commercial use okay and can be sold in a final product such as a t-shirt or mug. Before assuming you can use my files as commercial use, please read the product description to indicate it’s a commercial use design.

  • You may cut my designs for products for the class you have licensed with me.
  • You will need to watermark your product listing designs to protect them so that my original designs may not be copied or traced.
  • You may use the design up to 100 times on products for sale.
  • You must credit Holly Pixels (Holly McCaig Creative, LLC) in your listing.
  • You may not create printable art or printed art with my designs to sell or give away.
  • You may not alter the design and then try and sell or give away the new file. You may change colors of the design.
  • You may not sell these designs where you might create digital files like scrapbook elements or digital backgrounds.
  • You cannot share the digital files you receive from me with anyone. This includes via email or a file sharing site.
  • You may not use these designs for websites or logos.
  • You may not upload these files to any print on demand sites like Cafe Press, Red Bubble, Society 6 or print through a site like Printful.
  • You may not outsource the design to a production company or screenprinting company to mass produce items for sale.
  • You may not use these designs to create stamps or stencils for sale.
  • You may not use these designs as a wholesaler where someone else would be selling the final product.
  • You may not digitize the file for embroidery and sell the digital file.


If you wish to purchase my SVG designs for a class (for example you teach a class on sign-making). You will need to contact me directly for licensing information.