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You're In...Sorta

We have just sent you an email with all the details about how to access the library, in case you can't go in right now. So be sure to go to your email and look for an email from holly@hollypixels.com. If you can't see it in your inbox, do a search for it because it could have gone to a spam folder or something like that. You'll want to also add me to your email list so you don't miss anything important, like updates to our password (yes we change it often so stay on the email list!)

This password will be updated from time to time. The only way to have the current password is to stay on the email list. I cannot respond to your emails and give you the password.

Also, be sure to read the terms of use section before you download anything.

Have fun and watch for more items added every single month.

To access the library at any time, click the link in the menu and use this password: