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How Can I Use Your Products?

OH! You're interested in my designs? Yay!

So I wanted to make things super duper clear to you regarding how you can use my designs, how you can sell them, etc. before you purchase them.

I cannot refund any money due to the nature of delivery (you can't return a digital download).

Please Note:

All images, products, artwork, designs, etc. are copyright of Holly McCaig Creative, LLC dba Holly Pixels. Rights are not transferable and will always remain with the copyright owner.

Can I Use Your Designs Commercially?

Can I use your designs commercially? Yes, but only if you are a handmade business.

What does that mean, handmade business? It means you make your final products with your hands at home or in your small studio. You cannot send my files to screenprinters, use print on demand sites like Cafe Press, Redbubble, Society6, Amazon Printers, etc., or have someone else manufacture for you.

But why can't I mass produce your goods at those places? Because I don't want to manage licensing. I don't want to manage or police you. Plus, the quality of those items is not controlled. If you are creating handmade goods with vinyl, paint, sublimation ink, etc. like on powder coated mugs, t-shirts, onesies for babies, wooden signs and you sell them in your own Etsy shop, or craft show that's totally fine.

Do you charge extra for commercial use? Nope. The price you see allows you to sell a small amount of goods (less than 100 pieces total of one design ONLY) at no additional cost as long as YOU are hand-making items. My SVG file designs are priced slightly higher than some shops price theirs for this reason. It means I don't have to manage licensing. What a pain for us all, right?

Can I create things to sell with your designs that are a supply item for someone else to use to sell? Nope. You cannot!

What do you mean by supply products? If you are an embroiderer you can't digitize my files and sell the files to other embroiderers. If you are a planner designer or scrapbook designer you can't use my files to make collage sheets or sticker sheets. Basically if you're not putting it on a shirt, sign, mug, cup, onesie, flag, tote or final product then you cannot sell it. Not sure if your product is a supply product? Email me first!

But can I make decals? I've decided to make an exception for decal shops - this is okay. I know it's a supply item, but it's a large decal that is meant to be put on a cup or car or something like that. You must credit me in the listing, however.

Okay but I do want to make embroidered goods, can I digitize your file for my own use? Yes, that's totally fine. You're not giving it to anyone or selling the file, just the final projects you make.

Can I use your designs to make wood/other material laser cuts? I have decided that this is okay as long as you're crediting me in your listings as the original designer of the design.

Can I use your designs to make stencils for my signs? Yes, but you can't sell the stencil!

I want to teach a class and use your designs as a part of the project supplies, can I? You need to purchase the design as many times as the amount of students in your course. So if 10 people sign up for your class, you need to buy it 10 times. This gives EACH class participant the right to use the file.

What if I want to teach a class of 100, do you offer a discount? No. These files are priced at the price they are so I don't have to charge more or less for commercial use.

What if I want to sell more than 100 of your design? You can email me. But I probably won't allow it. I don't want to manage usage rights at this time.

Can I make t-shirt transfers/final vinyl cuts to sell with your designs? I've decided to allow this as long as the items are sent ready to put on an item and not a file, however you must credit me in each listing.

May I give your design away? You can give away a t-shirt or other product you make with the design on it, but you can never give my files away even if you paid for them. You do NOT own the rights to them.

Can I use your designs to create something for a client? Like, I want to use your work to make a product for a client of mine that wants to sell the final products, is that okay? No. I don't allow people to use my design to sell to someone else in this way. They are not the handmade business. You are. This would involve licensing and I'm not interested in that right now.

May I use your design to make art prints or printables? Absolutely NOT! This is like selling my files as is. I don't allow. You can purchase my art printables with my designs in my other Etsy shop.

Credit Required

When you purchase artwork from Holly Pixels, you must follow all license and usage rules. You will need to credit me for any commercial usage with the following on the page being sold: Design by @HollyPixels dba Holly McCaig Creative, LLC

If you are ever caught claiming the designs are yours in any way, I will pursue legal action. I try very hard to make things easy here by not requiring extra licensing. So please respect my terms.

Personal Use & Non Profit

You may use my files for personal use for yourself, your home, and gifts to friends and family.

Non Profits may use my designs without licensing. Files must be flattened and uneditable. You agree to only use my designs for a final product, not to redistribute or resell the design itself. No credit is required for non-profit use.

Can You Custom Design Something?

At this time I do not do any custom work and cannot make any alterations to existing designs. This may change in the future.

I reserve the right to update this list of uses at any time.

Updated 11/25.17