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How Can I Use Your Products?

First off, I hope that you will read the entire terms of use here before you proceed with your purchase. There may be more clarification for your needs further down the page. I simply want you to avoid any legal issues down the road.

All images, products, artwork, designs, etc. are copyright of Holly McCaig, LLC dba Holly Pixels. Rights are not transferable and will always remain with the copyright owner.

Quantity for Commercial Use

Please understand that limited commercial use for small businesses entitles you to product/print etc. quantities not exceeding 100. For anything outside of this scope or to discuss creating licensed items for your small business, please contact me directly.

Personal & Non-Profit Use

You may use my files for personal or non-profit use without credit as long as money is not made. Files must be flattened and uneditable. No credit is required for non-profit use.

Credit Required

When you purchase artwork from Holly Pixels, you must follow all license and usage rules outlined below for each section. You will need to credit me for any commercial usage with the following on the page being sold: @HollyPixels dba Holly McCaig Creative, LLC

You May Not

  • Sell any art "as is" - collage sheets, sticker sheets, etc.
  • Claim any Holly Pixels or Holly McCaig Creative artwork as your own.
  • Share artwork with anyone.
  • Redistribute or resell artwork - this includes freebies as downloads for your website or newsletter.
  • Reproduce or trace any artwork, unless for personal use.
  • Use artwork in the production or stamps, rubber stamps, digital stamps, scrapbooking products, etc. unless for personal use.
  • Use any artwork in part or whole on print-on-demand websites such as Zazzle, Spoonflower, Cafepress, Society6, etc. for re-distribution unless for personal use.
  • Use artwork in the production of temporary tattoos or embroidery digital files unless for personal use.
  • Use artwork to create commercial use products for others.

You May Do the Following Commercially

  • Create printable artwork for sale such as printed stationery, product packaging, cards, flyers, business cards, logos, etc.
  • Create digital printable files such as artwork so long as the item is flattened before sending to your customer. You may not create blank templates for others to use to resell.
  • Create designs for resale like web banners, advertisements, etc.
  • Create designs for embroidery files that you, in turn, create a tangible embroidered item for resale - not the digital file.
  • Create actual home decor products like pillows.
  • Create clothing and accessories that are tangible.

You may Do the Following with Extended Licensing - Please Contact Me First

  • Create artwork published in children's books, magazines, etc.

I reserve the right to update this list of uses at any time.