Vendor Application

If you design products for Procreate app (brushes, stamps, backgrounds, mockups, etc.) or digital planning products for GoodNotes we might have a spot for you!

We do review each application carefully to see if your style and work ethic match our own. It's important that our vendors have a good social media presence and are willing to step up and market their designs with us.

You must currently have product for sale in a store whether it's your own or at a third party shoppe. We are looking for established sellers at this point to review their social media and marketing efforts. In the future, we may consider vendors that are just starting out with their business.

Vendors can earn 70% commission on their product sales here at No exclusivity requirement.
  • Contact Information

  • If accepted it's important to have your full legal name for tax record purposes.
  • This is for our administrative purposes (taxes, records, etc.).
  • We send payment for vendors via PayPal. You must have a valid PayPal account to be considered.
  • Social Media

    Social media accounts are only required for one option listed below. Please use your full link. Private accounts that cannot be reviewed will cause your application to be deleted.
  • Your Product

  • This is how your shoppe will be referred to if accepted as a vendor.
  • Please indicate the website where you currently sell your products that would go in our shoppe. This allows us to review your work. If you sell at a third party shoppe, please use your shoppe's URL. For instance, if you sell at Creative Market, please link to your shoppe inside Creative Market. If you do not currently sell a product, please understand that we will require this so we can review how you market your products.
  • Please take a moment to describe your product you intend to sell with us and how you can benefit the shoppe, it's vendors as well as how you envision your business. If you sell at more than one location, please indicate the other URLs here.
  • By submitting this form I understand that I will be under review and this in no way means that I will be accepted or contacted to sell with Holly Pixels.