Hey there! If you're looking for your download and it's no longer on our server, here's why:

On October 1, 2021, I decided to focus solely on my products and Procreate. That meant I had to let all of the other vendors go. Simplifying my life and reducing costs were my biggest concerns. Ultimately it was a hard decision that I knew I had to make.

When I made this announcement, I notified my entire email list and posted it on the website on the Shop page and my Support Ticket page. After December 31, 2021, all vendor products would be removed from my shop and server. I informed my list to make sure to download backups. But not to worry, as I have a spreadsheet of how to contract any vendor you may need to access downloads from after this date.

My digital planning products can be found at Planning with Pixels. If you need access to your Pixel Planner order or sticker order created by Holly, please submit a ticket and let me know your order number and product. You will be given a link to download as it's no longer downloadable from our server. All other vendor digital planner products will need to be requested directly from them via the link below.

You can still purchase and download products and access my classes at hollypixels.com, and they won't be going anywhere.

To access your account, tap here and log in. If you notice a product download is not working and says it's by a designer other than Holly Pixels, you will need to reach out to them to request access to a download. Please provide them with your full name and email address, and order number so they can assist you—link to a spreadsheet of contact info below.

If you purchased something from me personally and can't get the download to work, please submit a support ticket so I can review our orders and assist you.

Thank you!